1. The data reported herein for the entities of the World Bank Group and Trust Funds are obtained from the financial information and in some cases the accounting systems of the respective entities. These aggregations are prepared for information purposes only, to serve the specific purposes of this tool and may not reconcile directly with other official reports and/or financial statements.

  2. Recent OECD/DAC data are downloaded periodically from the OECD/DAC Database. World Bank is not responsible for its content.

  3. OECD data are reported directly by country governments to the OECD/DAC and may not correspond to World Bank data.

  4. The annual data of OECD/DAC , the entities of the World Bank Group, and Trust Funds are displayed on Aidflows as soon as possible when the data becomes available.

  5. OECD and World Bank Group data are not comparable because of differing fiscal year ends: the fiscal year end for the entities of the World Bank and Trust Funds is June 30; for OECD/DAC data, year end is December 31.

  6. Groupings will contain historical data for all current members, irrespective of the date on which they joined the group .

  7. Legally closed funds: migration to SAP took place in 1999. All trust funds established prior to that date may not be accurately reflected in this website.

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